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Family law matters are often matters of the heart, meaning emotions and stress can be high. At Aspire Lawyers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, our job is to not only guide and advise you on your rights and obligations in the eyes of the Australian law, but help make the process as stress-free and smooth as possible. With more than 100 years in family law in Australia, we have seen it all and can create a strategy to help you get a fair and desirable outcome.

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  Our Family Law Services


If you’re concerned a partner, family member or other person may take or has taken your child, it’s best to consult a family lawyer near you sooner rather than later.

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Divorce &

Protect your assets from divorce or separate with our Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth divorce lawyers. We help you get a fair outcome.

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Buying, selling or settling a property from a divorce or separation? Our conveyancing team will help you ensure you’re covered from all angles or your property settlement.

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Take some stress out of your marriage or relationship and settle what will happen if you separate before (if) it ever happens.

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Family Matter

Know your rights as a member of the LGBTIQA+ community with the help of your allies, our team at Aspire Lawyers.

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Parenting Orders & Visitation

Take the stress and unknown out of parenting orders and visitation rights with the help of our family lawyers.

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Child Support & Maintenance

Get some guidance on your child support and child maintenance matter, and put your best foot forward in the eyes of the Court.

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Pre-Relationship Agreements

Like prenuptial agreements, pre-relationship agreements can help you protect your assets and take stress out of your relationship.

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Why Choose Aspire Lawyers

Family Law Services
With Empathy

With sky-high emotional intelligence and a proven track record in family law, our team at Aspire Lawyers is here to deliver you considered, empathetic legal advice. From helping you protect your children and support your relationship to helping you secure your assets before or after a relationship breakdown, you can get the guidance you need with an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.

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Business Commercial Lawyer

What a great company, lovely to deal with, great customer service and prompt to respond to my enquiry. I will deal with them in the future should I need help. So nice to have an upfront cost explained with no surprises and the flexibility to speak with them not just on the phone or in there office. They are really embracing accessibility.

- Chelsea Graham 

Know What to Expect

Fixed-Price Family

We understand how much stress someone going through a family legal matter is under. This is why our family law services are fixed-price, meaning there are no surprised at the end.

Our Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth family lawyers near you always strive to get your matter settled on schedule and time, helping you also save on stress. Through our mediation services, we can also help settle family law matters before they reach court.

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We are JustFund Accredited — The Flexible Way to Pay For Your Family Legal Fees

There's a more flexible way to pay for your divorce, separation or other family law legal fees. A loan through JustFund can help you break your legal fees up into more manageable payments. Ask our friendly team or head to for more information.

Family Law Lawyers Who See
You As a Person, Not Another Number

With Aspire Lawyers behind your family law matter, you'll have the empathetic, pragmatic and forward-thinking advice you need to make informed decisions. Our aim is to always help you with strategic family law help that not only helps you now, but long into the future too.


We are a compassionate team of lawyers who understand it’s our role to minimise the stress and concern of the process.


When we’re creating strategies for your matter, we take practicalities into account so there’s no added work or hardship.


It’s our job to expect the unexpected, ensuring you’re in a good position now and in the future in your family law matter.

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