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The only thing worse than a dispute is having it drag on for months, even years, with no outcome in sight. At Aspire Lawyers, our mediation services in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth help provide a quick and cost-effective solution to resolving disputes, even without necessarily going through the court system.

If you’re facing a dispute or tired of how long one is taking to resolve, book a time online to speak with our lawyers and get a solution faster.

Benefits of Business & Family Law Mediation

Save Money

Mediation can help keep matters out of court, saving you money on court costs in the long-run.

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Save Time

Rather than let matters drag on and escalate, mediation can help you get it resolved sooner.

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Save Relationships

Mediation helps parties seek a mutual agreement, helping build better relationships.

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How Mediation Can Help You

What is mediation?

In its simplest form, mediation is the process of using an impartial or neutral party to assist with the negotiation of differences. Using a professional mediator can help settle matters out of court, saving time, money and stress.

A mediation lawyer can help you know where each party stands legally, and facilitate discussions to assist parties in finding common grounds. Rather than arguing each side, you will work together to find a mutually acceptable solution to address the interests and concerns of each party.

Book a time to speak with our team at Aspire Lawyers for fair and honesty mediation.

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Business Commercial Lawyer

I want to thank Aspire Lawyers Melton for their assistance with my legal needs. They are friendly, very professional and thorough, and knowledgeable, and I have no hesitation in recommending them. Thank you once again.

- Kristen Tynkkynen

Why Choose Aspire Lawyers

Settle Matters Out of
Court With Our
Mediation Services

With more than 100 years in practice, Aspire Lawyers has seen it all and can help you navigate the law in your mediation process. We’ll help both parties know where the law may dictate an outcome, and formalise the agreement so it’s set in stone to prevent further issues.

The collaboration between mediation and legal representation ensures a balanced and effective resolution to the dispute at hand. Book online to start the process or send us an enquiry with any questions for peace of mind.

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Tomorrow's Lawyers Today

Mediators to Help You Reach the Best Possible Outcome

At Aspire Lawyers, we have a special interest in business and commercial mediation, helping you keep matters out of court. We can help you and other parties find a mutual agreement in disputes between employers and employers, with suppliers, over contracts and more. Our approach is to use sensible, innovative and forward-thinking strategies to help you reach the best outcome possible.


As a mediator, it's our role to help you think outside the box and find sensible options to suit all parties, reaching a mutual agreement.


At Aspire Lawyers, we foster creativity and flexibility through mediation, encouraging innovative solutions to disputes beyond traditional methods.


Our lawyers focus on future-oriented resolutions, facilitating constructive dialogue to establish productive relationships moving forward.

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Settle your dispute out of court with professional legal mediation services. At Aspire Lawyers, we provide fair, transparent mediation services to settle all types of disputes, from business and commercial disputes to family, property and neighbourhood disputes.

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